11-98 to 4-04 KKSN-FM (Oldies)
Portland, OR
Air Personality; Production;

10-90 to 9-98 JONES RADIO NETWORK (Oldies)
Denver, CO
Morning Air Personality; Good Time Oldies,
Personal Appearances Coast to Coast

5-89 to 7-95 KXKL-FM (KOOL 105) (Oldies)
Denver, CO
Evening Air Personality, Production;
Appearances; Copy Writing;
Remotes; T.V. Appearances.

10-87 to 5-89 KQKS-FM (KS-104) (CHR)
Denver, CO
Air Personality; Production;
Appearances; Utility

1-86 to 8-87 KAZY-FM (AOR)
Denver, CO
Air Personality; Production; Guest Shot
Director; Appearances; Utility

7-84 to 12-85 KJIB-FM (Country)
Portland, OR
Air Personality; Production

11-83 to 7-84 KRCK-FM (AOR)
Portland, OR
Afternoon Air Personality; Assistant
Program Director, Music Director;
Production; Copy Writing; Appearances;
Remote Broadcasting; Interviews

4-82 to 11-83 KZEL-FM (AOR)
Eugene, OR
Mid-Day Air Personality; Production
Director; Copy Writing; Interviews;
Appearances; Remote Broadcasting;
Nation Agency Talent

2-81 to 4-82 KIQY-FM (AOR/CHR)
Lebanon, OR
Afternoon Air Personality; Assistant
Program Director; Music Director;
Jazz Director; Production; Copy Writing;
Appearances; Remotes

3-80 to 2-82 KINK-FM (AOR)
Portland, OR
Air Personality; Morning Traffic;
Production; Programming Research

9-80 to 2-81 KGAL-AM (AC)
Lebanon, OR
Evening Air Personality; Public Service
Director; Production; Copy Writing

3-80 to 6-80 KGW-AM (CHR)
Portland, OR
Programming Research

Other On-Air Expereince

KEJO-FM (AOR/AC) Corvallis, OR
KIQY-FM (CHR) Lebanon, OR
KFLY-FM (AOR) Corvallis, OR
KOAC-AM/KOAP-FM (PBS) Corvallis/Portland, OR
KBVR-FM (JAZZ) Corvallis, OR

Music Show


1975 to 1980 Oregon State University BS in Broadcasting, 1980
Minor: American Studies

1984 International Air Academy

Jon Holiday, Director of Operations
Jones Radio Network, 303-784-8700
David Schult, Operations Director
KFIS/KPDQ, 503-231-7800
Dave Arthur, Program Director
KFIS-FM 503-231-7800
Bob Harlow, Program Director
KFRC 415-391-9970
(former KISN PD)

Carol Shulz, aka "Rockin' Robin Sanders"
360-225-6049 / 360-798-6411

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